We start up innovation
We help organizations to explore, to activate, and to accelerate innovation.
What We Do
  • Innovation Expedition
  • Future Impact Report
  • Startup Database
  • Intrapreneurship Bootcamp
  • Startup Challenge
  • Innovation Strategy and Programs
  • Future Impact Sprint
Our Story
After years of working in the fields of launching startups, leading corporate venturing teams, incubators and investment boards, we realized there was an urge to realize platform economics. Where both parties can help out each other: on getting new technologies & innovations on board and get the required sales to pass the many startup valleys of death. Ventur.es has an innovation community platform where innovation ecosystems are mapped and corporations are matched to startups. We are here to curate and accelerate your innovation ecosystem.

Three things you might wonder:
• Nope, we are not Spanish. We just loved the concept of a title about ventures and actually be a web address. And we have offices in the Netherlands, Romania, USA and Mexico.
• We believe curation is very important in the wave of innovation initiatives we are in.
• Our platform is open for cool startups punks in jeans AND boring corporates in suits. Innovation comes from everywhere.

Since 2014, Ventur.es is part of XL Family and can now help you with the acceleration of innovation strategies, programs, and projects.
XL Family
XL Family accelerates innovation. As a spin-off of the corporate venturing group of ABN Amro Bank, XL Family has innovation in its DNA and a decade of experience in innovation programs and projects for corporate organizations.

XL Family consists of several organizations that strengthen and support each other, including Dialogues Technology, XL Team, Future Ideas, Chief Humor Officer and Ventur.es. XL Family has offices in the Netherlands (Amsterdam and Leiden), Romania (Bucharest) and the USA (San Francisco).

XL Family consists of 75 people with different backgrounds and in different roles, such as Innovation Managers, Concept Developers, Software Developers, Market Researchers, Program Managers and Agile Coaches.

"Exciting opportunities are always found at the edges. Ventur.es helps you with the search in your ecosystem and gets you going!"
Jaspar Roos, Chief Inspiration Officer at XL Family